Cavity Prevention for Kids

Tooth decay affects many adults, but few recognize how developing a consistent oral health routine as a child can prevent dental complications later in life. Additionally, cavities may seem like a minor issue in preliminary teeth since they are not permanent, but young ones with unaddressed decay are at risk of improper oral function impacting their quality of life now and in the future.

Dr. David Keen of Fletcher Hills Dental Arts in El Cajon helps establish the importance of dentistry for children with a compassionate and personalized approach.

Establishing Trust at the First Visit

little girl learning how to brush at dental office with her parents

At Fletcher Hills Dental Arts, our entire dental team understands that for young children, a visit to an unfamiliar atmosphere can cause anxiety. We instill a trust in kids, teaching them that the dentist is nothing to fear as early as their first appointment. Rather than jump right into treatment, Dr. Keen takes the time to get to know your child by letting them explore our practice and meet our team.

Balloon animals and a ride in the patient chair are always offered to boost imagination and subside your child’s apprehensions. Our office provides a dedicated kids room, fully stocked with educational dental videos as well as child-approved movies to further ensure your loved one's comfortability. We believe it is essential for our young patients to know we are their ally when it comes to maintaining their oral health through adulthood.

Pediatric Cavity Prevention in El Cajon

With a combined 30 years’ experience in the industry, Drs. Keen is dedicated to the preventive dental care of patients and their families. The purpose of pediatric dentistry is to address oral health complications in patients aging from infants to adolescents. Our dentists use the California Dental Association’s CAMBRA method of treatment. CAMBRA stands for the Caries Management by Risk Assessment and is a series of standards the team at Fletcher Hills Dental Arts performs in treating and preventing your child’s tooth.

Our customized cavity protection program consists of a detailed, comprehensive examination. We also look into family medical history, diet, and other factors that could contribute to cavities.

Gentle Smile Restoration Options

Whether it’s their first visit, or your child requires more extensive treatment, our doctors perform every procedure with the utmost care. They work with young patients and their parents alike to create tailored dental health solutions.

Our El Cajon practice is proud to offer the following for your children:

Our experienced dentists will determine which treatment is right for your child after their comprehensive examination and professional cleaning. We never push unnecessary procedures on our patients. If your child is apprehensive or not ready for restorative dental services, we now offer Silver diamine fluoride. Not only is it effective for arresting decay, this product helps relieve sensitivity as well.

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Dr. David Keen alongside his their capable staff, are your dedicated dental professionals in El Cajon, CA. We believe in the importance of establishing dental awareness early on to help ensure a beautiful smile for years to come.

For more information about pediatric dentistry for your child, we encourage you to call or visit our practice today!


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