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Allowing your children to get accustomed to seeing the dentist is important to both their oral hygiene now and in the future. In preventive oral health care, getting your children comfortable with their dentist is better done sooner than later. At Fletcher Hills Dental Arts, we are dedicated to getting your children used to friendly dental care at our El Cajon dental office.


Scheduling Your Child’s First Dental Appointment

Beginning at 6 months following first tooth eruption, Fletcher Hills Dental Arts offers your children the chance to explore our office and get used to the environment. This initial visit does not necessitate treatment and is an attempt to help your child understand that the dentist is not someone to fear.

Our office even provides children with a dedicated kids’ room, as well as movies to watch while they wait. Your children can also get a balloon animal during their dental appointment.

Customized Prevention Programs for Kids

Fletcher Hills Dental Arts Pediatric Dentistry

At the core of pediatric dentistry is the desire to prevent poor oral hygiene later in life. In an effort to improve health and strength of your child’s, we use the California Dental Association’s CAMBRA method of treatment. CAMBRA, or Caries Management by Risk Assessment, is a series of protocols to develop the ideal strategies in preventing dental cavities. The use of CAMBRA personalized care allows our office to cater treatment in office and at home to limit their chances of developing cavities. We also use this strategy when planning treatment for our adult patients.

Our El Cajon children’s dental services run the gamut in decay prevention, using a comprehensive examination to determine what risk factors your child has for decay. Our examination will help formulate a proper preventive care treatment through family medical history, dietary counseling, and other chances for decay.

Restoring Children’s Smiles

Fletcher Hills Dental Arts treats pediatric dental care with the utmost care. For those who require fillings, our office offers restorations that blend with the enamel of your child’s tooth, ensuring they feel confident in their smiles after treatment. Should it be required, we also offer to treat tooth decay with dental crowns for children. We also offer silver diamine fluoride to arrest any signs of decay in patients who are not yet ready for full dental treatment.

Fletcher Hills Dental Arts: Your El Cajon Children’s Dental Office

Don’t wait until it is too late to start your child’s dental care regime. Call to schedule an appointment with our El Cajon practice today, located just off of Fletcher Parkway.


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