Sedation for Kids

At Keen Dentistry, we take pride in creating a comfortable and positive experience for our patients. This is particularly true for our younger patients, since establishing a good rapport with dental care professionals helps ensure children continue taking a proactive and preventive approach to their oral health well into adulthood.

When you bring your child to visit Dr. David Keen whether for a routine cleaning or more involved procedure, you will find a fun and inviting atmosphere designed to build trust and put children at ease. For those children that experience dental fear and anxiety before a procedure, we offer sedation as a safe and effective way to ease any apprehension to the process. If you are looking for a dental office offering sedation for kids in El Cajon, call Keen Dental today for an appointment!

Easing Dental Anxiety in Children

Our office takes a unique approach with our pediatric patients. We dedicated a room specifically for children, and decorated to offer a fun aesthetic. Dr. Keen’s expertise in making balloon animals usually brings a smile to the face of even the most hesitant kids. Before conducting any exams or procedures, we prefer to have your child’s first visit be an opportunity for them to explore our office and get to know our friendly staff.

Despite our efforts to disarm any uneasiness, some kids are still anxious about dentistry in general. When your child has an exam or procedure they’re particularly worried about, we recommend nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas. Nitrous offers a great way to ease their fears, so they can receive treatment in a relaxed and comfortable manner.

How Laughing Gas Works

Before deciding on sedation as an option for your child, we take the time to evaluate if they are a proper candidate. Once we determine sedation is beneficial, we suggest you prepare your young ones with sensitive stomachs by having them eat a small amount of food prior to their visit, as it helps prevent any nausea from the gas.

Nitrous oxide works quickly and effectively. A small mask is placed over your child’s nose, and after a few breaths through their nose, the gas takes effect, alleviating agitation. This mild form of sedation keeps your child awake but relaxed through the procedure, and it rapidly clears from their system after a few minutes of breathing oxygen through the mask.

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Getting your child excited to visit the dentist isn’t the easiest feat, but at Keen Dentistry, we make every effort to offer a trusted and welcoming place for kids. If your child experiences anxiety about visiting the dentist and you’re looking for a practice offering safe and effective sedation for kids in El Cajon, call us today!


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