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Experiencing an Emergency? Fletcher Hills Dental Arts Can Help!

At Keen Dentistry, we always see dental emergencies the same day. Our El Cajon emergency dental services are available for children and adults, both for patients of record and new patients who are calling within and outside of normal office hours. Our goal is to restore your smile and relieve any pain associated with your dental problem.

If you’ve suffered damage to teeth, prosthetics, or have a painful dental problem that is interfering your daily routine, please call our office for immediate treatment at 619-442-0983.

Dental Emergency Care: Broken Teeth and Tooth FracturesDental Emergency Treatment in El Cajon

It’s not uncommon to break a tooth after you’ve bitten into something hard or if you’ve taken a spill. In cases of breaks, chips, and fractures on dental enamel, it’s important to treat these as emergency dental problems and seek care as soon as possible.

While cracked and chipped enamel may not be immediately painful, if a break in a tooth is large enough, bacteria can enter tooth systems and cause infection, creating another issue that requires more extensive treatment. Our El Cajon emergency dentists can repair cracked and chipped teeth in-office with on-the-spot dental bonding and even provide dental crowns if the damage is significant.

Same-Day Care for Dental infections and Knocked-out Teeth

Painful teeth and/or pronounced soft tissue swelling (abscesses) are common indicators of dental infections and require immediate care to avoid extraction or more severe damage to teeth. If an affected tooth is still healthy enough to be saved, Dr. Keen can provide same-day emergency root canals, for adults or children, to alleviate the pain of infection and avoid extracting the tooth in question.

When a tooth has been knocked out entirely, or even a tooth fragment was lost, we can re-bond natural teeth and even replace a whole lost tooth in its socket, in some cases. In instances where knocked-out teeth cannot be added back into place, Keen Dentistry provides prosthetics that include dental implants and bridges.

Emergency Dental Services in El Cajon – Call 619-442-0983

Our primary goal is to alleviate any pain that your dental problem may be causing. After patients are feeling comfortable, we provide restorations for damaged teeth as needed and ensure they complement your smile as seamlessly as possible. We want you to both feel good and enjoy an attractive, restored smile -- in spite of your dental emergency.

If you’re in pain and require same-day treatment for dental infection or broken teeth, contact our office immediately for assistance.

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